KEY-TECH ENGINEERING COMPANY is established since 1996, serving the Fertilizer, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refinery, Polymer Plants and Leading Engineering Consultants.

KEY-TECH is a leading manufacturer of Pipe Fittings, Pipes, Lens Gaskets, Carbamate Mixer, Valves and Critical Equipments for Fertilizer and Chemical Plants in special materials such as Urea Grade, Titanium, Duplex/Superuplex and Stainless Steel. The company is also in Fabrication and manufacturing of components for Process Equipments.

The Company is committed towards quality control and maintains International Standards/ Specifications as per ASME/ASTM/DIN etc. in all the end products for the customers.

It has been a constant endeavour of the company to provide core process industries with reliable and proven products through experienced team of qualified trained engineers.

Our success is based on close and continuing interaction with our customers, application engineering expertise, innovation, customer support and a competitive cost structure.

KEY-TECH activity is not limited to manufacturing & sales of process equipment internals but also provides technical assistance in installation and after Sales service and continues to focus on meeting or exceeding customer expectations in terms of product performance.

Our Clients